Echoes of The Last Jedi

The trailer of The Last Jedi has been released less than 48 hours ago and is widely discussed. More like any trailer before however, almost every shot echoes previous films. We’ll take you through some and Spoiler-Speculate what they might say about the story. Continue reading “Echoes of The Last Jedi”


Super-Hero Fascism and the Rebel’s taste for Hope and Freedom

We live in troubled times where facts are increasingly irrelevant in societal and political discourse while the stories we tell about ourselves become ever more powerful. In a world polarised between authoritarianism and the defence of diversity, democracy and reason … where do our cinematic fantasies stand? I present my view, you judge for yourselves. Continue reading “Super-Hero Fascism and the Rebel’s taste for Hope and Freedom”

The EU Referendum & Star Wars

Today the UK will vote about its membership of the European Union. What does that have to do with Star Wars you might ask? Well, many of you might come and visit London in July for Celebration Europe and the referendum outcome is one thing that may influence the UK you are going to find then.

Continue reading “The EU Referendum & Star Wars”