Rebels Review #4.9: Rebels Assault

I know, we haven’t caught up yet and nevertheless I don’t want to keep you waiting for the spoiler review of Rebel Assault! A great episode! And if you haven’t watched so far … you better start now as ominous foreshadowing happens.

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#UmbaraLive and Reflections on ‘Clone Wars’

Last night (UK time) I had a most delightful re-watch of the ‘Umbara Arc’ of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series during the live-tweet fest #UmbaraLive called by the Fan Girls Going Rogue (@FGGoingRogue). Re-watching the arc like this made me spot many things that I originally missed. It felt fresh again. But it also made me think about ‘what Star Wars is’ at the moment … on the cusp of the first ‘Star Wars Story’ film being released. Continue reading “#UmbaraLive and Reflections on ‘Clone Wars’”