Scene it? – ‘Steela’s Funeral’

It was a pivotal scene in Season 5 of The Clone Wars whose impact was however overshadowed by the final arc of the Season which brought so many emotional moments. Rebels this week gave us ‘the end of the beginning’ of the Rebellion against the Empire. A good moment to look back at the start of the Rebellion.

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Scene It? Luke in Dagobah’s Cave.

Yoda%20-%20Luke%20-%20DagobahAfter seeing Obi Wan’s Force-ghost on Hoth and following its advice Luke finds himself on Dagobah in the care of a strange wise Jedi Master. The true test of Luke’s nascent Jedi skills is when Yoda asks him to enter a dark cave to meet whatever he brings with him. Have the past 35 years shed any new light on this scene? Continue reading “Scene It? Luke in Dagobah’s Cave.”